Where is Meraki Fine Jewelry Located ?

Meraki Fine Jewelry is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. We are an e-commerce company without a physical store front.

What do you mean by Meraki ?

'Meraki' is a greek word which means something you do with love, passion, and a lot of soul - we at Meraki Fine Jewelry, strongly believe this verbatim. Creating a piece of Jewelry is not just an everyday job work, it is a way of expressing our passion for creativity & exceptionality, a way of rejoicing and celebrating our love for jewelry making.

what do you mean by 4C's in diamonds ?

The four characteristics known informally as the four Cs are now commonly used as the basic descriptors of diamonds: carat, cut, color, and clarity. This system was developed by Gemological Institute of America in 1953 as internationally recognized standard to evaluate diamonds characteristics.

A diamond’s quality is determined by the 4C’s: 

Cut:Quality of the angles, proportions, facets, and finishing details.

Color:How colorless the diamond is. 

Clarity:How clean the diamond is of inclusions and blemishes.

Carat:The weight of the diamond.

These four qualities of a diamond are the key components that impact its beauty and structure. The 4C’s interact with each other within the diamond. They dictate how the diamond appears and how high quality it is. As an example, the diamond’s ability to reflect light back to your eyes depends primarily on cut quality but also on color and clarity. 

how is lab grown diamond different than natural one ?

Not much, optically and chemical properties of both type of diamonds is same. The process by which a diamond is formed in earth's crust (takes around 1-3 billion years) is now replicated and grown in a laboratory in few weeks.

Laboratory grown diamonds also sometimes referred to as man-made or synthetic diamonds is identical in appearance to natural diamonds. They have very subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment designed for that purpose.

By choosing a lab-grown diamond you are not only doing your 'Bit' towards the environment (since it eliminates mining activities) but also they are conflict free.

Lab-grown diamonds provide value for money because they are 40-50% economical than natural ones. It's ideal for those who are looking for cleaner, bigger and whiter diamonds in a budget of natural ones.

How do i find out what ring size to order ?

We strongly recommend getting measured by a local jeweler for this once
in a lifetime purchase.  Online charts and at-home sizing kits may get
you in the ballpark, but they are most often inaccurate.  We make rings
in quarter increments at no additional charge. We want your ring to fit
as best it possibly can. Keep in mind that fingers shrink in cold
weather and swell in the heat!

Do you ship internationally ?

Currently we dont. It is in the works & we will announce it very soon.

Can I get my order sooner ?

Yes, we can work on it. We advise you to call us on +1 (646) 401 0267 and speak to one of our sales representative and we will do all we can to send your order soon.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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