Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our high-quality rings. Meraki rings come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defective manufacturing. If you suspect a manufacturer’s defect, please contact us. We will evaluate your request and then ask you to ship it to us. Once we have received your ring, our team will perform a full inspection. If it is determined that there is indeed a manufacturing defect, we will repair your item to a like-new condition. Our warranty solely covers manufacturer’s defects and excludes coverage for wear and tear, accidental damage, loss of precious stones, and theft. Any repair or service performed by somebody other than Meraki will void the warranty.

It is important to keep in mind that jewelry is prone to regular wear that can eventually fade the metal color, loosen stones, etc. Meraki provides complimentary polishing, rhodium-plating, and cleaning on all of our rings, as well as complimentary inspections. While regular maintenance can help extend the life of the ring, we strongly encourage purchasing independent insurance for your rings. This can help recover significant damage, loss, or theft you could experience.